What We Do


Fire Damper Inspections

In Healthcare, CMS requires fire dampers to be inspected, exercised and documented within one year and then every four years after, except in hospitals where the cycle is every six years.

Firestop Inspections for New Construction

 Different occupancies require different levels of inspections. We perform Life Safety Inspections, detailing wall conditions, firestop conditions and recommendations for remediation.

IBC Requirements for Firestop Inspections

Firestop and Fire Wall Inspections for Existing Construction

Per the 2018 International Fire Code 

701.6 Owner’s Responsibility.

The owner shall maintain an inventory of all required fire-resistance-rated construction installed to resist the passage of smoke and the construction included in Sections 703 through 707. Such construction shall be visually inspected by the owner annually and properly repaired, restored or replaced where damaged, altered, breached or penetrated. Records of inspections and repairs shall be maintained. Where concealed, such elements shall not be required to be visually inspected by the owner unless the concealed space is accessible by the removal or movement of a panel, access door, ceiling tile or similar movable entry to the space.

Fire Wall Repairs

We can bring the deficient walls back into compliance.

Fire Door Inspections

In healthcare, CMS requires Fire Doors to be inspected, tested and documented every year.